India’s Prime Minister Recommends YOGA To Stop Global Warming

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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced on Friday that people all over the world will need to change their lifestyles in order to prevent the menace of global warming.

In his United Nations-sponsored speech, Modi specifically recommended yoga as a way to combat climate change, according to The Indian Express.

“Yoga awakens a sense of oneness and harmony with self, society and nature,” Modi asserted. “By changing our lifestyle and creating consciousness, it can help us deal with climate change and create a more balanced world.”

The Hindu nationalist politician “called for global public action to develop clean energy” that is cheap and widely available. He also said “a change in lifestyle” will necessitate “a different path to economic well-being.”

Though Modi described the possibility of temperature change on earth as a “pressing global challenge,” he notably rebuffed demands that India implement stricter greenhouse gas emission reductions as part of a UN agreement, notes Responding to Climate Change, a specialized news service.

“Too often, our discussion is reduced to an argument about emission cuts,” the prime minister said. “But we are more likely to succeed if we offer affordable solutions, not simply impose choices.”

Modi gave his speech about climate change and yoga within the comfortable, temperature-controlled confines of the UNESCO headquarters in Paris.

India continues to depend heavily on coal for energy production.

UN scientists are concerned that global warming in Southeast Asia will lead to erratic monsoons and, of course, intense heatwaves.

Earlier this month, the Indian government froze seven bank accounts for Greenpeace India, alleging the group misrepresented foreign funds it received that went to protest coal, nuclear power and genetically modified foods. The government also barred the group from getting any foreign funding. (RELATED: Indian Gov’t Freezes Greenpeace’s Bank Accounts For Being ‘Anti-Development’)

For months, India’s government has been building a case against Greenpeace, saying the environmental group is pushing an “anti-development” agenda that costs the country between two and three percent of its economy each year.

Closer to home, the just-ended winter of 2015 broke a slew of low temperature records across the eastern seaboard, and the Northeastern United States just had the snowiest winter since the “Little Ice Age.” (RELATED: Meteorologist: Northeast Has Snowiest Winter Since 1717)

“Looking back through accounts of big snows in New England by the late weather historian David Ludlum, it appears for the eastern areas, this winters snowblitz may have delivered the most snow since perhaps 1717,” Weatherbell Analytics meteorologist Joe D’Aleo has claimed.

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