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Melissa Harris-Perry: Keep The Cuban People In A Paradise Of Perfect, Unblemished Poverty

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I’m not as big a fan of Obama’s Cuba policy as he is, but then, I’m not as big a fan of communist dictatorships as he is. If it means that the lives of Cubans could be improved, though, that sounds good to me.

America’s favorite lisping Leninist disagrees:


“I worry about American tourists and the way we can sometimes be a plague on the rest of the world.” Yes, keep your filthy money to yourselves, you capitalist pigs. Cuba should be reserved for the good Americans like Sean Penn and Michael Moore, not you stupid, overfed scum. ¡Patria o Muerte!

Say what you want about MHP — no, seriously, I’d love to hear it — but at least she’s honest. She makes no attempt to disguise her Marxist rhetoric. If only her comrades were so forthcoming.

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