‘DEAD WRONG’: Fiorina SLAMS Jeb Over Amnesty, Common Core [AUDIO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Carly Fiorina has become known for her tough rhetoric against Hillary Clinton. But now she’s taking on a new target: Jeb Bush.

During an interview on “The Laura Ingraham Show” Tuesday morning, Fiorina blasted the former Florida governor, calling him “dead wrong” on immigration reform and common core.

The former Hewlett-Packard CEO also referred to Bush as “a big government Republican,” specifically over Common Core, while telling Ingraham she isn’t sure if Bush believes that “government is too powerful.”

“Jeb Bush is dead wrong on a couple issues,” Fiorina said flatly. “He’s dead wrong on comprehensive immigration reform. He’s dead wrong on Common Core. He’s dead wrong about government being too powerful. “I think government is too powerful, I’m not sure he believes that.”

“There’s going to be lots of time to distinguish among the ideas and the platforms and the background and the experience of all of these candidates,” Fiorina continued, saying the GOP needs to elect a nominee who can beat Clinton. “But there’s no question that there are big government Republicans and big government Democrats.”

“Jeb Bush’s record suggests that he is a big government Republican,” Fiorina told Ingraham. “I don’t tend to agree — Common Core. You and I have had this discussion before. His answer on Common Core is that, ‘well it’s not intended to be a heavy-handed bureaucratic program. It’s intended to be a set of nationwide standards.'”

“Bureaucracies only know one way. It’s called heavy-handed,” she said. “So if you get a federal bureaucracy, or in some cases, even a state bureaucracy, involved in anything, it will become heavy-handed. That’s how we’ve gotten bigger and bigger government under both Republicans and Democrats.”