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Quote of the Day:

“Meals are a myth on days when I work out of the BuzzFeed mothership. It’s just constant grazing.”

BuzzFeed World News editor/reporter Hayes Brown.

Travel Bitches 

Southwest Airlines welcomes writers on the plane….see here.

Online flirtations

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Thank God Wesley Lowery hasn’t been ignoring The Mirror‘s texts

“Six days later have a working cell again. promise i haven’t been ignoring your texts.” — WaPo‘s resident racial activist Wesley Lowery.

A sign of not enough coffee

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Convo Between Two Journos

Breitbart News‘ John Nolte: “Shorter @ChrisCuomo: How do I put this Repub/Christian in a box. How do I help this Dem get the message out. Democrats sure got it good.”

CNN’s Chris Cuomo: “John, give it a break. If you watch @NewDay you see we test everyone. Just review the xscripts. Any bias is yours, not mine.”

Man finds diamond on Metro escalator platform

“Anyone lose a diamond wedding ring on the D.C. metro today? Someone may have found it for you!” — WCP‘s Perry Stein. See the WaPo story.

A TV legal analyst goes climbing  


“Climbing skyscraper dunes with my new friend Charlotte, 6.” — Lisa Bloom, NBC News legal analyst.