Investigators: Expect Indictments For Ex-Im Bank CORRUPTION And FRAUD

REUTERS/James Lawler Duggan

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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Expect indictments against officials of the Export-Import Bank — lots of indictments.

Bombshell new testimony from a government investigator revealed that there are 31 instances of alleged fraud by employees of the bank currently under investigation.

The bank is hated by conservatives for financing U.S. export deals to foreign interests that can’t get private loans because they’re too risky to insure. House Republicans don’t want to fund it for another year. Now the bank is under fire on a criminal level. Former Ex-Im loan officer Johnny Gutierrez was charged with bribery Tuesday for accepting cash bribes 19 different times dating back to 2006 and continuing into 2013.

“It looks that way,” Rep. Jim Jordan of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee told The Daily Caller, referring to the likelihood of more indictments. “It’s not just the Gutierrez case. There could be indictments on the other 31.”

Ex-Im Bank acting inspector general Michael McCarthy revealed in testimony before Rep. Jordan Wednesday that the 31 cases of corruption involve more than 31 different employees.

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