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Your Job Isn’t The Worst, Unless You’re A Newspaper Reporter

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ATTN lumberjacks: It could be worse. You could be working for Pinch.

Jim Romenesko:

Newspaper reporter lands on the bottom of CareerCast’s Jobs Rated list for 2015. Last year, it was #199 out of 200 occupations. Today’s press release says:

Newspaper reporter, which displaced lumberjack as the worst job of 2015, has a negative growth outlook of -13.33% and an average annual salary of $36,267. Broadcaster and photojournalist, with mid-level annual salaries of less than $30,000, also ranked at the bottom of the list. However, those with good writing skills often can find new employment in public relations, marketing, advertising and social media, where the outlook may be brighter.

Other rankings for 2015: Broadcaster, 196 (of 200 jobs); Photojournalist, 195; Author, 153; Public Relations Executive, 121; Publication Editor, 137; and Social Media Manager, 101.

Reporters and lumberjacks, eh? It reminds me of that great old song:

I’m a journalist and I’m okay
I drink all night and I lie all day
I tweet fun jokes, I watch the clock, I retype press releases
I trust what liberals tell me, ’cause I love the Dems to pieces

Look on the bright side, hacks: In a few years, bloggers will be the ones at the bottom of that list. Because nobody will remember what a newspaper was.

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