Emails: Valerie Jarrett Wanted Sony Exec To Invite Obama’s Friend To ‘Dance Party’

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett begged Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton to invite President Obama’s friend to his fancy “dance party.”

Jarrett’s email, sent on her White House address, was spotted Friday by The Daily Caller in the trove of 30,000 hacked Sony emails leaked by Wikileaks.

“VJ” emailed Lynton on the evening of August 1, trying to get Obama’s personal friend, Chicago doctor Eric Whitaker, into Lynton’s “dance party.”

“Hi Michael-
>> Two things:
>> Could you invite Eric Whitaker to the dance party?
>> Could you send me Malcolm’s e-mail?
>> VJ”

The “Malcolm” Jarrett was referring to was Malcolm Gladwell, the journalist and author.

“What is Eric’s email. Janice sending out the invites. Of course Eric is invited!” Lynton replied.

“Thanks! We are sitting together at POTUS’ birthday party,” Jarrett explained.

“Ha well tell Eric to bring his dancing shoes!” Lynton replied. “Janice sending the invite and give the President a big happy birthday from me and Jamie. We are in nyc off to dinner with Malcolm and Gary Ginsberg [a former Clinton White House lawyer].”

Lynton also planned a golf outing with Obama in the new leaked emails.

Sony executive Amy Pascal and producer Scott Rubin made clear how much Sony brass respected Obama in previous hacked emails, wondering whether Obama liked black movies like “Django Unchained” and black entertainers like Kevin Hart.

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