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Glenn Beck ‘Really, Really, Really, Really’ Wants To Like Scott Walker

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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TheBlaze‘s Glenn Beck is really “anxious” to talk to Wisconsin GOP governor and possible presidential hopeful Scott Walker. He really wants to like him. I mean, the guy even has death threats — now that’s something Beck can really relate to. On his radio program Friday morning, Beck and the gang all but ensured that the show would be a really, really, really, really safe place — “a good place” — for Walker.

Eye roll. So much for journalism.

BECK: “I’m anxious to talk to him. It’s the first time we will have talked to him, right? I think I’ve had him on TV.”
PAT: “I want to let him also talk about what he’s done in Wisconsin to turn that state around.”
BECK: “He’s done great stuff. He’s done great stuff.”
PAT: “I wanna hear about that – because he’s had some amazing successes.”
BECK: “I really — I mean I really, he’s a guy I really, really, really, really want to like.”
PAT: “Yeah me too.”
BECK: “I mean I’ll be so disappointed if something happens and he’s not a good guy — because I really want to like him.”
JEFFY:”Things that have happened in that state — man he’s been under fire.”
BECK: “Oh no – no, no, no. I mean literally — death threats! This guy’s not afraid. I love it!”
STU: “Yeah I mean this [radio show] is not an antagonistic place for Scott Walker. This is a good place for Scott Walker, I would think!”