Hookers Endorse Hillary Clinton!

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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Prostitutes at the legal Bunny Ranch brothel in Nevada are supporting Hillary Clinton with a “Hookers 4 Hillary” campaign.

The “Bunnies” cited Clinton’s foreign policy as a reason for their support, claiming in an endorsement video (to be rolled out Monday) that Clinton can negotiate with foreign leaders just like they have to negotiate through a “language barrier” with foreign men.

“We’re going to roll out and do everything we can to support Hillary,” Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof told The Daily Caller. “We’re going to have girls at the rallies. We’re going to raise money.”

Hof, who previously launched “Pimpin’ For Paul” to support Republican Ron Paul, said that there are no other options in this election cycle.

“The girls are all Bill Clinton fans,” Hof said. “Over her cereal in the morning, she’ll be talking to Bill and asking questions, kicking things around.”

“Prostitutes in Nevada have never been able to get health insurance,” Hof continued. “They classify them in the same category as illegal prostitutes, who have sexually transmitted diseases. Legal prostitutes don’t. So the girls are thrilled with Obamacare, that they finally have proper health care.”

The prostitutes are finding different ways to pitch in.

“We’re going to reach out to the campaign,” Hof said. “I’m reaching out to the Democrats in northern Nevada and saying what can we do to help? Air Force Army has announced that she’s going to give another half-hour to any donor who donates to Hillary. An extra half-hour of time in the bedroom. That’s her way of supporting. All the girls are coming up with different things they can do.”

“Hookers vote too,” Hof said.

Another prostitute is selling her underwear online and the money will be donated to the Hillary campaign.

“Nevada’s mandatory testing of legal prostitutes for sexually transmitted diseases is a successful example of effective government regulation,” according to the video.

The Bunnies also slam the “disproven theory” of supply-side economics.

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