Michelle Obama Reduced To Appearing On Some YouTube Cat Show [VIDEO]

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First lady Michelle Obama appeared on YouTube on Thursday with a cat named Lil Bub to promote her “Let’s Move!” campaign against childhood obesity.

The concept of the clip is that Lil Bub makes a prank call to the White House. Obama answers the phone and challenges Bub to her “GimmeFive challenge.” The cat obliges.

Lil Bub is a celebrity cat with several health problems including osteopetrosis and toothlessness — and more than 1.8 million Facebook likes.

The famed feline’s Web series is called “Lil BUB’s Big SHOW.”

Lil Bub also makes appearances at animal shelter fundraisers and came out this week against Indiana’s Religious Freedom Act, notes MTV.

There’s merchandising, too, of course, including a stuffed animal, a book and a wall calendar.

The first lady seems to be enjoying herself in the video released. At the same time, it’s not quite the same as those halcyon days when she filled a Chicago convention center with bused-in public school kids for a physical fitness event — and then failed to feed the kids or allow them to eat for several hours. (RELATED: Let’s Starve! Kids Forced To Go Hungry For Hours During Michelle Obama Media Event)

Here is Thursday’s Lil Bub video:


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