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Wesley Lowery Makes List of Influential Journos But Slimes Others On The List

Leave it to WaPo‘s resident race activist Wesley Lowery to make a truly meaningless list of the nation’s most influential political journalists in social media and then crap on others who made the list.

Wesley is number 130 on StatSocial’s list that has 250 names.

Congratulations Wesley! You’ve officially earned the newly created the 2015 Douchebag Award as you somehow elevate yourself and demean other journalists who made the list such as CNN’s Anderson Cooper (#1), FNC’s Bill O’Reilly (#36) and MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough (#22).

Whether or not you approve of those men, they are successful TV journalists who earn an obscene amount of money.

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By no measure journalists?

Some people, ahem [INSERT LOUD ANNOYING HACKING COUGH], don’t think Wesley Lowery is a journalist because they think he’s an activist who makes himself the news and takes sides in racial matters.

He fervently denies such charges daily on Twitter.