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#NotAllMuslims In MN & CA Arrested In Terror Sting

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Another day, another motiveless terror plot.


The FBI has arrested at least six men in what officials allege is an ISIS-inspired terror plot.

Details were scant Sunday night, but federal law enforcement officials told CNN the men were arrested in Minnesota and California as part of a year-long FBI investigation.


More from Mukhtar Ibrahim and Laura Yuen, Minnesota Public Radio:

A Somali woman who said she was the mother of two men who were arrested told MPR News that the FBI arrived at her house around noon. One of her sons was arrested at her house; the other was arrested in San Diego…

Federal authorities have been investigating the departures of about 15 young people from the Twin Cities who allegedly traveled to Syria to support the terrorist group ISIS over the past year or so.

If only we could somehow determine a motive. But we can’t. Not all Muslims are terrorists, and therefore, no terrorists are Muslims.

This sort of thing wouldn’t keep happening if we hadn’t elected George W. Bush. Twice. Is it any wonder that so many Muslims, blameless though they are, still hate America? Even two terms of the Greatest President in American History can’t wash away that ugly stain.

I sincerely hope Hillary Clinton is elected in 2016. What better way to show obeisance to our cultural superiors in the Middle East than to put a woman with an uncovered head in the Oval Office? That’ll make ’em love us for sure.

In the meantime, these men in Minnesota and California must be freed. Being a Muslim isn’t a crime. Besides, since when are they subject to our laws?

You racists.