Walker Dismisses Low Polls: We’ve Won Three Times In Four Years, It’ll ‘Happen Again’

Al Weaver Reporter

In an interview with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Monday, the Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said he isn’t troubled by poll numbers showing him trailing Hillary Clinton in the Badger state, saying past history shows he’ll come out victorious in the end.

In a Marquette Poll released recently, it showed Walker trailing the former secretary of state 52-40 at this early stage in the presidential process.

“Every year in the state of Wisconsin, not just for me but for previous governors, when a budget’s out and the media focusing on the handful of things people disagree with, poll numbers are always down for a governor,” Walker said.

“In the end, I had poll numbers in the mid-30s four years ago at this time in Wisconsin. I was called by Time magazine ‘Dead Man Walker,'” Walker told Kelly. “And then when people actually saw the positive results of how our reforms worked, how property taxes went down for the first tie in 12 years. We not only won the recall election a year and a half later, we won with a bigger margin than we did the first time.”

“Polls are important snapshots, but in the end the only one that matters is on Election Day,” Walker said. “We’ve proven three times in four years in a state that hasn’t gone Republican for president that we can win by talking about transferring power from the big government special interest to the hard working taxpayers, and that’ll happen again here.”