College Football Coaches Play ‘Dizzy Punt’ [VIDEO]

Scott Cook Contributor
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The Dakota State University Trojans are not a football powerhouse by any means, but boy, do they know how to have fun.

After one of their spring practices, Trojan head coach Josh Anderson and defensive coach Cory Miller entertained the team by participating in a game of “Dizzy Punt” — a take on the old college drinking game “Dizzy Bat,” where individuals spin around a baseball bat after chugging a beer and attempt to hit an empty beer can pitched at them while drunken and dizzy.

The Dakota State coaches spun around golf clubs 12 times and then attempted to punt footballs. The results are pretty comical.


Not sure if the coaches had to chug anything before spinning, but either way, this game is so fratty.

[H/T: Bro Bible]

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