Former Obama Advisor: ‘Legitimate Questions’ Raised By Clinton Bribery Allegations [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Former Obama White House press secretary Robert Gibbs opined on “MSNBC Live” that there were “legitimate questions” raised by “Clinton Cash,” the upcoming book accusing former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of using her position as Secretary of State to exchange political favors in return for donations to the Clinton Foundation.

“I think at some point, likely the campaign will have to answer these things, if they get into the realm of something that I think is on a lot of people’s minds or on reporters’ minds,” Gibbs told host Thomas Roberts. (VIDEO: Hillary Walks Away From Reporters’ Questions About Bribery Allegations)

He continued, saying that the accusations were just “innuendo” at the moment, but would have to be answered. “I don’t think one side has necessarily proven that to be the case, and I think the other side is not necessarily taking the time to answer it. Again, I think this will certainly all have to come out because Republicans are going to try to make this a big deal.”

“It’s clear that [the media] put some time and interest into what he has written, and the Foundation, obviously is a set of legitimate questions that ultimately are going have to be dealt with,” Gibbs concluded. “I just don’t know that they have to be put away or dealt with today. I think what Hillary Clinton is trying to do is just slowly and methodically roll out her campaign, and that’s what they’re focused on.”

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