Liberal Washington Post Columnist: ‘I’d Be Livid’ As A Reporter Covering Inaccessible Hillary

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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In an online livechat, liberal Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson said that if he were a reporter covering Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, he’d be “livid” at how inaccessible her campaign is to the press.

“[As] a member of the press, how do you feel about Hillary Clinton’s relationship with the press during this first leg of her campaign?” asked one reader. “It seems like she’s been almost completely inaccessible.” (VIDEO: Hillary Walks Away From Reporters’ Questions About Bribery Allegations)

“If I were trying to cover her, I’d be livid,” Robinson responded. “At some point I intend to go out and view the campaign up close, and if she’s this cosseted, I’ll be an unhappy camper.”

“From her point of view, though, I get it,” he continued. “In her position, I’d probably also keep the likes of me at arm’s length as long as possible. You can’t do so forever, though. At some point, the vibe will change.”

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