Rick Perry: ‘I Probably Would’ Attend A Same-Sex Wedding [AUDIO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Following the lead of Marco Rubio last week, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry said Tuesday that he would likely attend a same-sex wedding.

Perry made the comment to conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, who asked Rick Santorum and Ted Cruz the same question last week. Santorum told the host that he would not attend a loved one’s gay wedding if the opportunity presented itself, while the Texas senator said he hasn’t been to one and refused to say whether he would.

“Last question, this is into the wedding wars. I’ve done it myself, and other people have done it to other people of whether the would attend a same-sex wedding,” Hewitt said. “What’s Rick Perry say?

“Yeah, well I probably would,” Perry said, “but I think the real issue here is, you know, that’s the gotcha question that the left tries to get…”

“Well I actually put it out there, so I’m part of the problem if it’s a gotcha question, but it grows out of my belief that we’re focused on the wrong thing. I mean the Islamic State is throwing gays,” Hewitt said.

“Right, and that’s exactly where I was going with my response, Hugh, is that we need to be — stand up and say ‘hey listen, you know what, that’s an interesting question and here’s my answer.’ But get this thing back to talking about how do we get Americans back working again,” Perry explained. “How do we get this economy back on track.”

“I mean, to me there’s two big issues out here in front of us,” Perry said. “It’s the economy and it’s national defense, and if you’re not really talking about those two on a regular basis and coming up with solutions on how to get this country back working, how to get this debt under control, and how to put America back into a position of being respected by our allies and being an influence in the world, then you’re spending some time that, frankly, doesn’t need to be spent on some issues that are secondary or tertiary to the future of this country.”