Chris Matthews Gushes Over Hillary: ‘Girlish, Fun, Upbeat, Exuberant’ [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s favorables may have taken a dive, but there is one demographic that still finds her likable enough: MSNBC hosts.

Appearing on “Morning Joe,” “Hardball” host Chris Matthews lamented the fact that Clinton was so likable “when she’s with somebody she trusts.” (VIDEO: MSNBC: Hillary Didn’t Ignore Email Requests, She Just ‘Hadn’t Got Around To It’)

“I’ve seen the Hillary that everybody likes, who knows her,” he said. “Which is — don’t take this the wrong way — girlish, fun, upbeat, exuberant, totally unafraid of commentary. And then there is the one in public, who is aware her worst enemies are watching her, ready to get a jump on her.”

“Chris, we had her on the show. And [co-host Joe Scarborough] had her in stitches,” host Mike Brzezinski agreed. “We had a great time.”

“Maybe it’s years of being hit,” Matthews suggested. “But it’s what it is. She is what we are all describing.” (VIDEO: Chris Matthews: Dems Needs To Stop Being ‘Hard Left’ And ‘Get Some Things Done’)

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