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Goldie Taylor Hates Maureen Dowd And Wants To Replace Her With A Black Feminist Like Jamelle Bouie

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Having Goldie Taylor despise you may not be such a bad thing. In fact, it may be something you’d want to put on a résumé in your awards section.

As in here’s a reason why you SHOULD hire me.

Last year, MSNBC canned Goldie. This year, she became senior editor for the lefty Blue Nation Review and has been writing up a storm.

By and large she was a team player at MSNBC — when someone at Mediaite critiqued the ratings-addled Chris Hayes, she blocked everyone at Mediaite on Twitter, including the poor interns. She then naturally blocked me for writing about her blocking Mediaite‘s interns. In her employment announcement for BNR, she said she was glad to work at a place where they don’t pretend to be “another old Beltway outlet.”

On Wednesday, she came out with a story in which she declared her complete and total hatred for longtime NYT columnist Maureen Dowd and her heartfelt belief that someone like Slate‘s Jamelle Bouie, who writes some of the dumbest tweets imaginable, should replace her. She published the story under the heading of “Public Enemies.”

Inside the meat of her hit piece, Goldie had other suggestions of replacements for Dowd. For example, she thinks MSNBC’s Joy Ann Reid (whose show was so awful that MSNBC extinguished it in February) would be a fine pick, along with The Atlantic‘s Ta-Nehisi Coates, who she insinuates has been heavily courted by the NYT.

The funniest line of the piece: “Jamelle Bouie of Slate, is so smart that, when I read him, he sucks the oxygen out of my lungs.”

His intelligence sucks the O2 out of her lungs?

If that’s true, perhaps she should read everything he’s ever written in one sitting so we don’t have to read dim pieces like this anymore. (I’m not suggesting Goldie’s death, we would obviously give her an oxygen mask or a paper bag when she gets so overwhelmed by Bouie’s writing that she starts hyperventilating.) Hate her or love her, Dowd, a 1999 Pulitzer Prize winner, has been writing since the 70s, has had her column since 1995 and has earned a rightful place in Washington political journalism.

After describing how much she can’t stand her and how she’d replace her with others like Bouie, Coates and Reid, Goldie seems to momentarily come out her haze of crazy to rationalize that she doesn’t begrudge Dowd her success.

“I am not so much begrudging of her success as I am confounded by it,” she wrote. “Everybody has a hustle, and I ain’t knocking it.

Except, of course, that Goldie has spent the last five graphs doing just that, berating Dowd’s career as a columnist, knocking what she imagines is her “platinum plated paycheck” by inexplicably linking to a story about GOP presidential hopeful Jeb Bush, and emphatically wishing her demise.

Finally toward the lower half of her story, it becomes evident why Goldie wants to stick a pitchfork in Dowd. The NYT columnist has been critical of 2016 Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton.

Another amusing bit comes when Goldie describes Dowd as saying that she wants Hillary to exemplify “bitch is the new black.” This is when Goldie goes all black on Dowd’s white ass.

“No, the old black is still the new black, and Hillary Clinton is, and always has been, a woman who champions feminist issues,” writes Goldie. 

She concludes by saying the NYT should pick a black feminist to write a Sunday column — which sadly might eliminate Bouie. She puts in yet another plug for Joy Ann Reid because that idea was so good the first time around.