Krauthammer: Clinton Foundation A ‘Gigantic Access Influence Machine’

Al Weaver | Reporter

Appearing on “The O’Reilly Factor” Wednesday, syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer ripped into the practices of the Clinton Foundation, calling it a “gigantic access influence machine.”

Krauthammer told host Bill O’Reilly that the only reason people donate to the Clinton Foundation is to “buy access and influence.” He made the remark after news emerged that General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt will not release Clinton’s State Department email after revelations that GE donated after landing Algerian power plant deals through Hillary Clinton. (RELATED: GE CEO: I Will Not Release Hillary Clinton State Department Emails)

“The problem is not Immelt,” Krauthammer said. “The problem is the Clintons. The problem is a whole array of where they walk the line, they collect huge amounts.”

“Look, you know, the first story we heard about was Algeria giving a lot of money for the Haitian rescue after the earthquake,” he said. “Well tell me why the Algerian Ambassador cannot pick up the phone and call the Haitian embassy for a direct sending of the check.”

“Why does it have to go through the Clinton Foundation?” Krauthammer asked. “We all know why it does. It goes through the Clinton Foundation to buy access and influence. This is a gigantic access influence machine. Again, there may not be enough evidence or explicit evidence of a criminal quid pro quo, but this is simply shady.”

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