Boxing Champion Floyd Mayweather Has Bought Over 100 Cars From The Same Dealership

Scott Cook Contributor
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Boxing champion Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. makes a ridiculous amount of money. According to Forbes, he is the highest paid athlete in the world, raking in $105 million last year, none of which came from endorsements.

Let me reiterate that, not a single dollar of the $105 million he made came from endorsements!

In his upcoming bout with Manny Pacquiao, Mayweather is expected to make well over $100 million.

$100 million for one fight, how ludicrous is that?!

Even more ludicrous than his earnings are Mayweather’s spendings. He is notorious for betting hundreds of thousands, sometimes even millions on sporting events. He also has an extensive collection of luxury cars, all of which he bought from one dealership in Las Vegas.

According to USA Today, Towbin Motorcars in Las Vegas has sold Mayweather over 100 cars in the past 18 years. Mayweather’s collection from Towbin includes sixteen Rolls-Royces and three Bugattis.

Josh Towbin of Towbin Motorcars told USA Today, “He’ll buy a car before a fight. He’ll buy cars after the fight. He’ll buy cars on holidays.”

And when Mayweather wants to go car-shopping, he doesn’t abide by dealership hours.

Jesika Towbin-Mansour of Towbin Motorcars told USA Today, “We never know when Floyd will get the bug to come car shopping. It can even be in the middle of the night. There was one time that he gave us a call at two in the morning and of course we happily opened the store for him and he came in and bought a couple of cars.”

The best part about Mayweather’s absurd spending on vehicles is how he foots the bill. To quote Randy Moss, the champ pays for his expensive rides in “straight cash, homie!”

Towbin-Mansour explained that Towbin Motorcars had to invest in a new cash-counting machine to accommodate Mayweather, who shows up to the dealership with duffle bags full of money.

The employees of Towbin Motorcars sure do love Mayweather. I mean, who wouldn’t? The commission they make off Mayweather alone is enough to retire on.

Of Mayweather’s business, Towbin-Mansour said, “[Mayweather’s] cars are an extension of his persona. They are the best of the best, as he is.”

And that being said, I am quitting my job to become a salesman at Towbin Motorcars.

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