Bloods, Crips Team Up To ‘Take Out’ Baltimore Cops

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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According to a public warning from the Baltimore police, the notorious and rival gangs the Bloods and the Crips have joined forces to “take out” the police. (VIDEO: MSNBC: U.S. Police ‘Founded On Anti-Blackness,’ Go On ‘Slave Patrols’)

Baltimore Police Department tweeted out what they called a “credible threat” against the force Monday morning:

“The Baltimore Police Department / Criminal Intelligence unit has received credible information that members of various gangs including the Black Guerilla Family, Bloods, and Crips have entered into a partnership to ‘take out’ law enforcement officers,” the statement reads.

“This is a credible threat. [Bold in the original] Law enforcement agencies should take appropriate precautions to ensure the safety of their officers.”

The threats against police come in the wake of protests, violence, and controversy over the death of African-American man Freddie Gray in police custody. CNN correspondent Athena Jones noted that this was the exact opposite of what Gray’s family was calling for: “They don’t want to see any violence, and have said [it] over and over again…” (VIDEO: Baltimore Mayor: Space Was Provided To Those Who ‘Wished To Destroy’)

The Daily Beast’s Kate Briquelet also reported early Tuesday morning that the notorious Bloods and Crips were working in tandem with the Nation of Islam in peace-keeping efforts. “…the Bloods and the Crips can help rebuild their community,” she quotes one Nation of Islam imam as saying.

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