Hogan Rips Baltimore Mayor: Glad ‘She Finally Did’ Call For State Of Emergency

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During his press conference Monday night, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan implied that Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake waited too long to declare a state of emergency in the city as riots continue on.

Hogan told a reporter that he was “glad that she finally did” request a state of emergency for the city, adding that he executed her request in 30 seconds.

REPORTER: When we put out that you declared this state of emergency, the national guard was coming in, a lot of the response we got was ‘Finally what took so long.’ What was the tipping point for you that made you declare the state of emergency?”

GOV. HOGAN: We declared state of emergency and I issued the executive order less than 30 seconds after requested by the city of Baltimore. So didn’t take us very long at all. I signed an executive order almost immediately as soon as we received the call and called the president. There was no delay whatsoever. We’ve had this emergency operation center activated since Saturday. We’ve had hundreds of state police on the ground. We’ve had every single state agency and local agency coordinated out of this operation already for the entire week.

I‘ve been in daily communication with the mayor and others in the city and our entire team has been involved from day one. Frankly, this was a Baltimore city situation. Baltimore city was in charge. When the mayor called me, which quite frankly we were glad that she finally did, instantly we signed the executive order. We already had our entire team prepared.

We were all in a command center and second floor of the state house in constant communication and we were trying to get in touch with the mayor for quite some time. She finally made that call and we immediately took action. 


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