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Jonathan Alter Threatens A Daily Caller Reporter Over Ed Schultz’ Upcoming Trial

Evan Gahr Investigative Journalist
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NBC has a new lepers’ colony.

It is called the “Ed Show.”

Already, MSNBC hosts Lawrence O’Donnell and Al Sharpton scurried away from this reporter when asked if they want to guest host for Schultz when the breach of partnership lawsuit against him goes to trial on May 11.

Worse yet, last week Ed Schultz‘s lawyers listed MSNBC analyst and Daily Beast columnist Jonathan Alter as a supporting witness without his permission or even knowledge.

When contacted for comment, Alter professed his utter ignorance about the whole dispute between Schultz and Michael Queen, who claims Schultz should pay him for arranging his MSNBC gig.

But Alter can’t get far enough away from Schultz. He now insists his name does not even appear on the pre-trial statement that lawyers for both Queen and Schultz filed on April 20.

This, after being twice emailed the statement.

After dodging question after question on the phone Monday morning, Alter testily emailed that, “If you publish that I am ‘scheduled’ to testify to anything you will be printing a falsehood. I am scheduled for nothing.”

Oh, really?

The pre-trial statement says: “Mr. Alter will testify about his communications with the plaintiff and the defendant about the plaintiff’s method of attempting to promote a television show involving Ed Schultz. Direct testimony is expected to take 30 minutes.”

Lawyers for Schultz are referring to emails between their client, Alter and Queen in 2008. Alter told them to get a regular agent when they asked for his help.

He completely forgot this exchange last week. But, amazingly, he remembered it when confronted Monday.

Still, Alter is sticking by — at least for now—by his other claim.

But if you want a correction, Jonathan, just ask for one. It would undoubtedly be taken as seriously as the diversity survey that Al Sharpton once suggested he might send The Daily Caller.

In the meantime, see the court document below.