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Iran Calls For Genocide And The World Is Silent

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By Maj. Gen. Jerry R. Curry, US Army (Ret.)

In the 1930s Hitler and the Nazis declared that one of their goals was to kill every Jew on the face of the earth.  They set about arming the police and creating, with a vengeance, an infrastructure designed to   exterminate Jews.  Even though Nazi Germany’s holocaust was stopped by their defeat in WWII, the after affects still continue. The world’s Jewish population has steadily declined and today stands at fewer than 14 million.

The world’s Islamic leaders are ordered by the Koran to mimic the genocidal Nazi actions of the 1930s. In obedience to these Koranic instructions they have openly declared that their goal, like that of the Nazis before them, is to kill every Jew and non-Muslim on the face of the earth if they refuse to convert to Islam. But even though the Muslims have issued a death warrant for Jews and non-Muslims, there is no outrage among the condemned, except for the Jews who live in Israel. This same condition existed in Nazi Germany in the 1930s.

Since 1933 the world’s total global population has increased nearly fourfold so that it now stands at just over 7 billion, while the world’s Jewish population has decreased to fewer than 14 million.  Jews make up 22/100th of one percent of the global population.  Is it these overwhelming numbers of Jews that terrifies Iran and other Muslim nations, or is there something else going on?

Prior to the Second World War when the writing-was-on-the-wall, apathetic German and East European Jews chose to ignore the obvious tell-tale signs of Jewish genocide, failed to become energized, or to openly oppose the great evil of Nazidom.  Even in the American-Jewish community it was business as usual. There were no profoundly paralyzing shock waves either in Germany, the rest of the civilized world or the League of Nations.

American Jews had become deluded and apathetic.  They were unmoved by Hitler’s genocidal  threats certain that he and his government  were bluffing, because only a fool or an idiot would believe that the Nazis intended to kill millions of Jews.  That is, until the riots and arsons of Kristallnacht began to resonate.

That brings us to today. Muslim leaders in Iran, ISIS, the West Bank, Gaza, and in world-wide Muslim Terrorist Groups are clamoring for another Jewish genocide. They are encouraged by the tepidness of the response and the lack of resistance coming from the U.S. Government and America’s Jews. As in Hitler’s Germany there was no outrage coming from the League of Nations nor today is there any outrage coming from the United Nations, even though one of its members has been formally and publicly marked for genocide.

For many years now America’s Jewish voters have been slowly gravitating towards the political right, away from the Democrat Party. Perhaps this is because the Democrat Party has become the party of the poor, the unemployed, the unemployable, the disfranchised, and the party of recent immigrants of color from Central and Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Middle-East.

No matter what course Israel and America’s Jewish community take, the United States, as leader of the free world, owes it to them and the world’s citizens to prevent genocide.  No group of nations has the right to declare and implement a policy which leads toward the destruction of a free, independent and democratic people like Israel simply because they don’t approve of their religion or ethnicity. That is outrageous.

Evidently the world has not learned from history.  If we had, we would recognize that the Nazis of the 1930s are brothers with today’s Muslims and this great, brave nation of ours would be leading the free nations of the world in outrage.

Mr. Curry is a retired Army Major General, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense in the Carter administration; Acting Press Secretary to the Secretary of Defense in the Reagan administration; and Administrator of the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration in the Bush Sr. administration.