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Is Brian Williams Inching His Way Back to NBC?

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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NBC News chief Andy Lack is searching hard for a way to put Brian Williams back on air, say sources to the New York Daily News.

No doubt that would please Williams, who recently came out of hiding by walking with his daughter Allison and carrying the leash of an adorable Golden Retriever puppy. In one of the pictures on TMZ, Williams is holding the sweet pooch in his arms.

The image sort of worked.

People wrote, “The Williamses were seen walking their dog – and a cute one at that – in New York City recently.”

TMZ wasn’t exactly buying it, but of course they ran with it: “Suspended NBC newsman Brian Williams did some serious damage control in New York City by strolling with his wife, his daughter Allison, and most importantly … Allison’s adorable new dog!” The site suggested that Williams could co-anchor the news with Moxie the dog.

But more importantly, the media is apparently to blame for Williams’ problems and his delay in getting back to his “Nightly News” desk. (A tried but not quite true way out of hot water: blame the media.)

“The feeling is that [Williams’] problem seems to be more with the media and other reporters than his viewers — if Andy can figure out a way to get him back on the air he will do it,” an anonymous source told the NYDY.

No final calls on Williams’ fate will happen until they finish their internal investigation of crap Williams has said over the years.

According to the story, “investigators” have unearthed 11 instances of Williams embellishing facts.

Williams is allegedly unconcerned about his $50 million contract and more worried about his ego, the anonymous sources told the newspaper.

A TV news person with an ego?

Say it isn’t so.