The Top 10 Worst Liberal Journalist Tweets About The Baltimore Riots

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Idiotic takes on the ongoing Baltimore riots aren’t restricted to the airwaves: here are the top ten worst reactions to the riots the liberal media Twitterverse had to offer. (WATCH: Badly Injured Cop Dragged Away From Baltimore Riot)

The New Republic’s Jamil Smith: rioters are just “children” who were “communicating.”

Huffington Post’s Marc Lamont Hill: Baltimore is an “UPRISING,” not a riot.

MSNBC’s Christopher Hayes can’t understand why the media only started reporting about West Baltimore once thousands of people started rioting.

CNN’s Sally Kohn calls for “perspective,” crows that Balitmore is “rising.”

Politico’s Glenn Thrush doesn’t seem to know the difference between a riot and terrorist attack.

Have you heard people calling for an end to violence in Baltimore? Well Vox.com has the “perfect response” to those morons!

Vice Sports’ David Roth seems unperturbed about the complete destruction and looting of a local business.

Salon is (sigh) still Salon.

The Daily Kos’ Shaun King says that anyone who calls the rioters “thugs” (including Baltimore’s black mayor) are actually calling them the n-word.

The Atlantic’s Ta-Nehisi Coates attacks those calling for peace in Baltimore, calling them the “aggressors” and their appeal “a ruse.”

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