Vietnam Veteran Gives EPIC Reason For Why He’s Standing Up To Baltimore Rioters [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Rioting protesters — mourning the loss of Freddie Gray — set fire to the city of Baltimore on Monday night. (RELATED: Quotes, Pictures, Video From The Baltimore Riots)

The National Guard was even mobilized to curb the escalating violence, and even though an increasing number of the city’s citizens took part in the looting and vandalism, some brave individuals are acting on their own to bring an end to the chaos. (RELATED: Baltimore Mother Catches Her Son Rioting, Beats His A** In Front Of Everyone)

One such individual is Robert Valentine. The Vietnam Veteran actively confronted rioting protesters and gave CNN an epic explanation for his actions.


“I love my country. I love my Charm City, and I’m an American. I am not black, white, red, yellow, or nothing. I am American.”

Well said, sir.

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