‘You Will Burn In Hell!’: Protester Disrupts Supreme Court During Gay Marriage Arugments

Scott Greer Contributor
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As the Supreme Court heard opening arguments on gay marriage Tuesday, one anti-gay marriage protester disrupted the calm of the courtroom and issued an afterlife warning for those who support same-sex unions.

“If you support gay marriage, you will burn in hell!” the protester screamed before he was detained by police and escorted out of the building, CNN reports. But that didn’t stop the man from continuing to shout his views about homosexuality and damnation as he was dragged out of the Supreme Court.

Order was quickly restored and Justice Antonin Scalia made light of the matter, saying, “Rather refreshing actually” to the laughter of the court audience.

That was not the only time that a justice was able to make the court laugh on Tuesday. Justice Samuel Alito brought up a scenario involving polygamy that made the audience laugh during a statement that probed the logic behind the argument in favor of gay marriage. (RELATED: Alito During Gay Marriage Arguments: What About Polygamy?)

The Supreme Court’s decision on gay marriage could potentially legalize throughout the country, yet the justices are believed to be deeply divided on the issue.