Nearly Nude College Student Sits Blindfolded On Library Steps To Protest Sexual Objectification

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A student at Texas State University showed up on the library steps on Monday wearing a blindfold, pasties over her nipples and a flesh-covered pair of thong underwear — and nothing else.

The student, senior fine arts major Monika Rostvold, pulled the nearly naked stunt for an art project, the San Antonio Express-News reports.

Rostvold said she chose to sit in broad daylight on campus while wearing virtually nothing and unable to see anything to oppose sexual objectification.

“I wanted people to view my body as beauty and power and not a sexual object,” she told the Express-News.

She also claimed to be a victim of sexual assault.

“The fact that it is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, I wanted to create a piece about the standards that exist in our society,” Rostvold told the newspaper. “Being a victim and having friends who are victims of sexual assault I wanted to take control of my body by eliminating my presence and exposing myself.”

The senior sat for about 45 minutes on the heavily-trafficked library steps at the taxpayer-funded school. During that time, she complained, students treated her offensively by getting uncomfortably close to her and taking unwanted photographs, which they immediately posted on social media.

Rostvold also claimed that she was “very nervous.”

At the same time, she arranged for two students to take video of the event and record the reactions of passersby.

Texas State campus police eventually showed up to investigate the odd situation.

Daniel Benitez, a campus cop, noted that Rostvold was not doing anything illegal.

Rostvold’s Facebook page features an image of her with her mouth stuffed with what appears to be a joint, French fries and Cheetos Puffs.

She spells her first name MoniKa, with a capital K.

Texas State University has undergone several name changes in its history. The school was most recently known as Texas State University at San Marcos until 2013.

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