Fournier: Hillary’s Campaign Launch ‘An Assault On The Public Trust’

Al Weaver Reporter
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Appearing on the “Special Report” panel Wednesday night, National Journal columnist Ron Fournier ripped apart Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign launch, calling it “an assault on the public trust.”

Fournier made the remarks after Clinton declared it urgent to “rebuild the bonds of trust and respect” with Americans during in a speech at Columbia University earlier Wednesday.

FOURNIER: I banged my head on my computer when I saw that. If you’re someone like me who actually thinks judicial reform is a very important policy and actually agrees a lot with what she had to say, this is especially frustrating because you can’t lead, you can’t get anything done if you can’t be trusted.

Let’s look at the score here real quickly. She talked about — first of all, she violated ethics laws and rules on both the e-mails and the [Clinton] Foundation. She said that she deleted the e-mail out of a matter of convenience. We know that’s not the truth. We know that’s not the case. She said that she was sending emails to aides and they were captured under the State Department e-mail address. We know that’s not the case. They said that they disclosed all of the foundation donations, and we know that’s not the case. Then they said that they couldn’t disclose these because the Canadian law. We know that’s not the truth.

So whatever you think about her politically, it’s very clear that her launch, the launch of this campaign has been an assault on the public trust. So you can’t on one hand talk about how we have to mend our political nature and mend our political ways and literally be assaulting the public’s trust. She has to get right on these issues or she can’t lead this country.