The Incredible Racism Of Baltimore’s Rioters

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Violent. Outraged. Destructive. Fed up. There are many labels people are applying to the rioters who tore apart Baltimore. But there’s another label that deserves to be added to the mix in describing the hooligans of Maryland’s premier city.

They’re racist. (RELATED: Quotes, Pictures, Video From The Baltimore Riots)

What else could motivate them to destroy the fair city of Lord Baltimore, if not rage that the city has elected not one, but two black women to the post of mayor since 2007? After all, those mayors are responsible for ending the policies of white mayor Martin O’Malley, whose “zero tolerance” approach put one-sixth of the city’s residents in jail. Not only are the mayors black, but nine out of sixteen members of the city council are black as well. (MAYOR: City Being ‘Destroyed By Thugs’ In ‘A Senseless Way’)

In a country where many cities have friction between a majority-black populace and police departments that remain stubbornly white, what besides racial hatred could motivate a revolt against a police department that’s majority non-white, and more than 40 percent black? Why else would they rebel against the city’s police when run by a black commissioner who once policed the mean streets of Oakland, but not under the white commissioner who ran the town from 2005 through 2012? (RELATED: Bloods, Crips Team Up To ‘Take Out’ Baltimore Cops)

And if one hated black people, wouldn’t it make perfect sense to force the closure of an 83 percent-black school district, led by a black CEO, that spends more per-pupil than any other majority-black school district in the country? And wouldn’t it also make sense to ruin the first days of America’s first black woman attorney general, and the last days of its first black president?

But most damning of all, however, is that the rioters are not targeting the wealthy, powerful, and privileged of Baltimore. Instead, they are taking out their wrath on the city’s most unfortunate residents. Black businesses, black cars, black jobs, and black livelihoods are going up in flames, while wealthy suburbs ripe for plundering rest easy.

Baltimore’s rioters aren’t seeking justice, or opportunity, or even monetary gain. They just hate black people.

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