Are You Surprised That Kids Would Rather Eat Dinner With Taylor Swift Over Obama?

Kaitlan Collins White House Correspondent

Move over, Barack Obama. You just got booted from the dinner table.

UnitedHealthcare annually surveys people who are 100 years old to “examine their attitudes and opinions on health and family,” but in honor of its tenth anniversary this year, they put some ten-year-olds in the mix.

The results showed that kids would rather dine with Taylor Swift and Katy Perry before the leader of the free world.

Can you blame them?

Taylor Swift

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The ten-year-olds overwhelmingly voted to eat dinner with Swift, who raked in 67 percent of the vote for best dinner companion. Perry was close behind, and came in second. Obama was the third best option, the kids said, and got 51 percent of the vote. Rounding off the group was Beyonce and Jennifer Lawrence.

(Photo: Getty Images)

(Photo: Getty Images)

However, it’s not just preteens that don’t want to eat dinner with Obama. It’s adults, too.

Over 60 percent of the centenarians said they would like to eat with Betty White first, and Obama second. (RELATED: Americans Would Rather See These Fictional Five Presidents In The White House Than Obama)