Baltimore’s Top High School Football Player Condemns Rioters Destroying His City

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Ellison Jordan is a hardworking kid.

According to 247Sports, the junior at the Gilman School is a 4-star football recruit and one of the top college prospects currently living in Baltimore.

Like much of the rest of America, Ellison has been, “seeing a whole bunch of stuff about this situation on TV. There’s a bunch of police, and people are still angry,” but the bright young man is extremely concerned with the violent actions of his peers.

Jordan talked to Bleacher Report on Thursday, and the future college star’s comments indicate some wisdom beyond his years. (RELATED: Ravens Legend Ray Lewis Begs Baltimore To Stop The Violence)

I catch a bus at 6:15 a.m. to get to Gilman, and I don’t go home until 8 or 8:30 p.m. I have friends who live here, and if something doesn’t change, there will be more killings. I’m going to keep supporting Baltimore for them, but things have to change. Right now, they’re setting a bad example for the younger people who are watching. It’s like no one cares right now. They just want to riot…

On Monday, I saw the helicopters in the sky. I saw smoke coming from the burning buildings. Today, I saw the National Guard with guns out and everything when the bus went near the harbor.

Everybody’s mad. I get it; everybody wants justice. But the way they’re doing this, it’s not right.

The sad part about it is these kids doing it are my age. They’re supposed to be the future of Baltimore. Their actions today will make some people think they are thugs, but they are not all thugs. The kids are angry and want justice and need guidance…

I’m not on the police’s side, but I’m standing up for what I believe. Destroying your home and making yourself look worse is not the answer.

You can read Jordan’s whole statement over at Bleacher Report.

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