Democratic Congressman Walks Away From Live Fox News Interview [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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A live Fox News interview with Democratic Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings at the scene of a Baltimore protest Wednesday night took a surprising turn, when Cummings walked away after answering several questions from Fox reporter Leland Vittert.

The interview was going pleasantly, until host Sean Hannity tried to get Vittert to ask a question on his behalf. “I have a question from Sean Hannity,” he began.

“Yeah, let me take a question from Sean Hannity,” Cummings said, before he suddenly turned and left. (VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Dodges Question From Fox’s Ed Henry On Potential Perjury)

“Oh, he doesn’t want to take a question from me,” Hannity smiled. “OK, that’s fine.”

Vittert pursued Cummings on foot. “Go ahead, Sean. We’re going to keep walking with the congressman. Go ahead Sean.”

“Congressman, do you think the president rushed to judgment on this case?” he eventually asked.

“No, no,” said Cummings. “Let me say this, and then I’m going to be finished. Yesterday, our congressional delegation met by phone with the attorney general. She assured us that this is her top priority. I believe in her…”

“And you think the president’s been helpful in this? Do you think the president did the right thing?” Vittert began to ask, but Cummings walked away, again yelling into his bullhorn “Let’s go home! Let’s go home!”

“Obviously, Sean, the congressman didn’t have much of an interest in answering your question,” he said, but kept walking after him anyways.

“Get in your head that people are going home!” he shouted to Vittert through the bullhorn. (VIDEO: Hillary Flees From Reporters’ Questions About Bribery Allegations)

What followed was a good minute or so of Yakkety Sax-worthy antics, as Vittert chased Cummings around the protest site, ducking and crouching around other reporters. “Congressman, we’re just trying to get answers to a question!” he shouted.

“Excuse me, Geraldo!” Cummings bellowed toward the end, presumably referring to Fox correspondent Geraldo Rivera. “We’re trying to make sure people go home.”


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