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The Voice Of Black America: Michael Moore

(Photo: Reuters)

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Whenever a left-wing agenda item is at stake, you can count on America’s favorite high-carb hero to waddle in and save the day.

Help us, Michael Moore!

You must have one hell of a guest room, Mikey.

And then what happens?

Michael Moore speaks for the people, even if they’re white. But only if they have less money than him. And, of course, they can’t disagree with him politically. He’s still thinking it all through. Give him a minute to sort it out in his head.

This is an entirely reasonable demand. But check out this teabagger, trying to trip up the People’s Planetoid with mere facts:

Yeah, but that was before his latest temper tantrum. We should trust the police long enough to give up our own guns, in reaction to a highly emotional news story. And then we should call for disarming all the police, in reaction to another highly emotional news story. Because that’s what feels right.

You have your instructions, America. Do what the man says, or he’ll make another movie. And nobody wants that.

(Hat tip: Twitchy)