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Hillary Clinton Wins Coveted Larry Flynt Endorsement

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Thank you, Friday. You are my favorite.

The other guy there is Bloomberg’s John Heilemann, who adds a fun anecdote about the special bond between Flynt and Bill Clinton:

That Flynt holds a special place in his heart for 42 is evident, and Flynt claims that the feeling is mutual. In 2006, the two men ran into each other at a fundraiser in Las Vegas for Jimmy Carter’s son, Jack, who was running for Senate in Nevada. According to Flynt, Bill Clinton—apparently still grateful for the porn king’s role in the downfall of Bob Livingston, a key moment in the deflation of the impeachment bubble—walked over, shook Flynt’s hand, and said, “You’re my hero.” As I prepare to leave, Flynt shows me a photo on his desk of him and Clinton from the fundraiser, noting that the former president has denied the quote in question. “He can say whatever he wants,” Flynt chuckles. “I have three witnesses.”

Those two have spent their whole lives obsessed with the same thing. And now we’re supposed to vote for Hillary because she has one.