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Rioting Stinks, And So Does This Possible Solution

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Rioting is awful and wrong. This week in the streets of Baltimore, we saw innocent people beaten, vehicles burned, stores looted. But how do you stop such lawless anarchy without escalating the violence?

I don’t know, but this sounds like it’s worth a try. Patrick Tucker, Defense One:

As protestors and police officers clash on the streets of divided cities such as Baltimore, Maryland, and Ferguson, Missouri, some police departments are stockpiling a highly controversial weapon to control civil unrest.

It’s called Skunk, a type of “malodorant,” or in plainer language, a foul-smelling liquid. Technically nontoxic but incredibly disgusting, it has been described as a cross between “dead animal and human excrement.” Untreated, the smell lingers for weeks.

Israeli Skunk Spray Weapon by zzinn

A cross between a dead animal and human excrement? Sounds like they’ve finally synthesized what it’s like to be downwind of this guy:

Wall Street Protest

As with any weapon, there’s the potential for abuse. But puking up your lunch and smelling like a big doo-doo for a few days is better than getting beaten or worse. You can complain about it being dehumanizing, but it’s not as dehumanizing as death.

Make stink-bombs, not bombs.

(Hat tip: Ace)

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