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Clinton Hires Anti-Gun Astroturfer For Her “Grassroots” Campaign

NRA ILA Contributor
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Despite already amassing an anti-gun track record that would make Michael Bloomberg proud, Democratic presidential nominee candidate Hillary Clinton appears intent on adding to it whenever possible. Last week brought the news that Clinton has hired gun control advocate Scott Hogan to run her “grassroots” campaign in Minnesota.  Hogan formerly served as the Minnesota Director and Campaign Manager for Everytown for Gun Safety.

Hogan and his new employer clearly have a shared interest in restricting gun rights. However, in some ways Hogan is an odd choice to run a grassroots operation for the supposedly sophisticated Clinton campaign. The Bloomberg bank-rolled Everytown group is the epitome of political astroturf; and a rather transparent one at that.

Of course, considering how difficult it has been for Clinton to rebrand herself, experience creating a phony grassroots movement, no matter how unconvincing, could be just what the former Secretary of State is looking for.

This hire, along with her comments made within the last year advocating for gun bans, the criminalization of private transfers, and limitations on the Right-to-Carry suggest Clinton isn’t going to shy away from attacking America’s gun owners. Indeed, her public statements even betray a belief that mere pro-gun viewpoints are a type of thoughtcrime that “terrorizes” America. Clinton’s naked gun control advocacy stands in stark contrast to the electoral tactics of Barack Obama, who remained largely silent on gun control until he secured reelection. In order to maintain his façade of indifference to gun control, Obama restrained his most onerous anti-gun tendencies (for a time) in the name of political expediency. Clinton, who time and again publicly revels in her anti-gun views, would be under no such burden.

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