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Best Gotcha Questions For 2016 Presidential Candidates

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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These days there are so many reporters asking so many questions on the campaign trail. But what if reporters were to approach candidates with unexpected, paparazzi-style inquiries?

A couple things could happen: The conversation could get more interesting. Security might drag the reporters out.

Come on, you can imagine reporters asking Mike Huckabee, Sen. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump some of these questions, can’t you?

1. Have you ever coveted your neighbor’s wife?

2. Do you think there’s anything wrong with watching porn?

3. Have you ever said the n-word?

4. Is Adam black or white?

5. Do Muslims go to heaven?

6. Did your family own slaves?

7. Would you let your daughter marry someone of another race?

8. Were you sympathetic to the main character in “The Sopranos”?

9. Would you object to wearing women’s underwear?

10. Is there anything in the Bible you disagree with?

11. Was Ronald Reagan perfect?

12. Would you host a showing of Brokeback Mountain in the White House?

13. What was the last charity you donated to?

14. Do you believe that Confederates are Americans?

15. Is Ted Cruz eligible to be president?

16. Did you have sex with your wife before you married her?

17. Do you consider Allah God?

18. If you could pick the sexual orientation of your child, would you prefer it to be gay or straight?

19. In the name of diversity, should the government mandate fat models?

20. Which Crusade did you like best?

21. If you agreed with all his policies, would you vote for a Muslim for president?

22. Would you appoint a transgender person to your cabinet?

23. Would you object to your son marrying someone who is a man but dresses like a woman?

24. Have you ever been to a strip club?

25. Have you ever butt chugged?

26. Should there be punishments for using the n-word?

27. Do you believe in spanking your children? (Follow up: What about your wife?)

These questions were brainstormed by a large group of Daily Caller reporters and editors.