Charlie Sheen Gives Recovering Drug Addict Josh Hamilton Probably The Worst Advice Ever

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Charlie Sheen just gave Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton some of the worst advice in the history of… well… advice.

Last week, Hamilton was traded from the Los Angeles Angels to Texas following a self-reported drug relapse. Hamilton — whose struggles with cocaine and alcohol abuse have been well documented — won the American League MVP back in 2010 but became so much of an off-field liability, they basically payed Texas $80 million to take him off their hands immediately.

Hamilton spent his most productive years with the Rangers and already has an established support system, but one Hollywood personality thinks he won’t be needing any of that “weak-ass shit.”

Actor and noted-narcotics enthusiast Charlie Sheen tweeted at Hamilton on Monday, and, yup, looks like the “Major League” star still has some tiger-blood running through his veins.

Wild Thing, you make everything… GROOVY!

[h/t Complex]

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