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Clinton Has To Pay His Bills

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You think you’ve got problems? Put yourself in Bill Clinton’s shoes. Well, wait until his pants aren’t around his ankles…

[THREE HOURS LATER] Is he done? Whew. Okay, now put yourself in his shoes. Look at what this poor fella has to put up with from the vast right-wing conspiracy at NBC News:

This is the last honest man. He’s just like you and me, living from paycheck to paycheck. And yet you teabaggers want to bring him down for giving speeches? So much for the First Amendment!

Also, his wife is a woman. So is his only child. That means if you criticize how they conduct their affairs (no pun intended) and flout the law, you hate women.

And… um… Well, just shut up. I want Hillary to be president, so just shut up.

Shut up!