Professional Golfer: Garland Shooters Were Exercising Their Second Amendment Rights

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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PGA Tour golfer Bob Estes tweeted in response to the shooting outside a Garland, Texas “Draw Mohammad” event Sunday night that “Muslims may decide to exercise their [Second Amendment] rights” when others exercise their First Amendment rights.

“If you feel the need to mock Muhammad in a cartoon, just realize that Muslims may decide to exercise their #2A rights on you #truth #WWJD,” Estes tweeted, using the popular hashtags for “Second Amendment” and “What would Jesus do.”


Estes eventually deleted the tweet and admitted he shouldn’t have brought up the Second Amendment, but continued to defend his original point. (RELATED: College Professor: Charlies Hebdo Was ‘Devoted To Hate Speech’)

Bizarrely, Estes seemed to pivot to the other extreme at one point, saying Muslims would keep killing unless they were locked up.

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