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Today Is The Deadline To Stop Global Warming, Or Climate Change, Or Whatever We’re Calling It This Week

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After today, there’s no point in trying to stop the warming of the global climate. If you disagree… why do you hate science?

From the miserable communists our good friends at The Guardian, eight years ago today:


Oh no.

They can’t be wrong, because they’re scientists. And it’s eight years later, because that’s how time works.

But it’s not too late! I suggest that we all drive, fly, tweet, e-mail, and otherwise burn as much carbon as we can. It’s the only way to spread the news about globalchangeclimatewarming. Every single one of us must do his and/or her part. Anything else is denial.

Thanks to Glenn Reynolds for reminding us about this crucial deadline. Alright, people, let’s cool it!

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Jim Treacher