Andrea Mitchell: Hillary ‘Just Inviting Media Criticism’ With Tightly Controlled Media Operation

Al Weaver Reporter

Andrea Mitchell took aim at Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign media strategy after little more than three weeks on the campaign trail.

After covering the Clinton’s for over 20 years, MSNBC’s Mitchell told Politico Tuesday Hillary’s current media operation is “just inviting media criticism.” Mitchell complained specifically about the campaign forcing journalists to wait hours for “a very controlled conversation with pre-selected voters.”

Mitchell made the remarks to Politico’s Hadas Gold as part of an extended piece highlighting the MSNBC host as the leader of the press corps following Clinton around the early primary states.

“To think that a presidential candidate can be driving around a primary or caucus state without anyone knowing where they’re going but have us waiting for hours for a very controlled conversation with pre-selected voters, it’s just inviting media criticism,” Mitchell said.

Gold added that Mitchell believes Clinton’s current operation is more tightly wound than her initial White House run in 2008.

Notably, Clinton has yet to give a national interview and, as Gold notes, she has taken only seven questions while on the campaign trail, most of which she has largely avoided or deflected.