Bachmann: Clintons ‘Use Poor People As Human Shields’ To Live ‘Pompous Lifestyle’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Former Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann said the Clintons, through the Clinton Foundation, “use poor people as human shields” and likened it to “an international money laundering ring” on NewsmaxTV Tuesday.

Bachmann’s latest hits against the Clintons come on the same day the much-discussed book “Clinton Cash” was released.

“In all likelihood, [Hillary Clinton] hasn’t changed her stripes. But this Clinton Foundation, which is, in effect, an international money laundering ring to benefit the Clintons personally — remember, this is tax exempt, so it’s the easiest way to get big dollars in the Clinton world where they can — where they literally fly around the world on private jets,” Bachmann told host Steve Malzberg. “It’s really the heavy lifestyle to be used to as President of the United States, flying around on Air Force One. They really don’t like to give up that lifestyle.”

“Whats the best way to continue that lifestyle? Start an international foundation and get people to give you money,” the former presidential candidate said. “They use poor people as human shields for their pompous lifestyle.”

WATCH (starts at 6:00)