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Islamic Terrorists Attack; Muslims Hardest Hit

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That headline is evergreen. That’s the message our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters in the media send us every time there’s a terrorist attack by jihadists. Sure, terrorism is bad and everything, but shouldn’t we be worrying about the real victims?

Like this young lady:

“Oh my Allah, you guys. I am so totally triggered by Pamela Geller, that kafir bitch!!!” Oh no, did somebody look at you askance, child? Did somebody draw a cartoon you didn’t like? Are you a victim of microaggressions? You poor thing.

After every Islamic terror attack, we’re warned about the backlash against innocent Muslims. Just because it never happens, that doesn’t mean they’re not victims.

As for the people who got shot at with bullets, not rude glances? Hey, that’s what they get for lacking the “common sense” to cower before a religious group that might try to kill them. Geller needs to wise up and start attacking small-town businesses that won’t cater gay weddings. That’s where the party’s at. Those guys don’t respond with gunfire.

(Which is weird, right? They’re all religious zealots with guns, yet the Christians don’t go around shooting people for offending them. Hmmm…)

This is why CNN is locked in a perpetual battle for a distant second place. Who wants to hear about common sense from Don Lemon? He’s still looking for the missing jet that flew into a black hole.

BTW, Don: If you lived in the Muslim world, you’d be thrown off a tall building just for being who you are. And this little girl would find a way to make it about her.

Update: WaPo to terrorists: Please kill us last.

Same old story.

Update: Nope, no comparison between this and Charlie Hebdo at all. So much for free speech.