MSNBC Panel: Hillary’s New Poll Numbers Are ‘Terrible,’ ‘Crushingly Bad’ [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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The panel of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” tore into Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers in the wake of a series of scandals surrounding her use of private email and foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation, calling them “Nixonian” and “crushingly bad.”

“You have a lot of Clinton supporters saying this is all much ado about nothing and we heard that her scrubbing her email server was much ado about nothing,” Scarborough said. “Well, it is actually having an impact.” (VIDEO: Krauthammer: Clintons ‘Make Their Own Rules,’ ‘Take The Money Where They Can’)

“The fact is, Hillary Clinton’s approval rating stayed up around 66 percent … and was 65 percent just two and a half years ago, her approval rating. Now it’s 42 percent approve, 42 percent disapprove,” he continued “It’s quite a drop.”

“The good number is 76 percent of Democrats still view her favorably,” Bloomberg’s John Heilemann said. “She is still on a glide path to be the Democratic nominee people in the party still support her, like her, trust her.”

“And yet in the broader electorate, 25 percent, only 25 percent view her as honest and straight-forward. That is a crushingly bad number,” he continued. “That is the kind of number you go do not get elected president with a number like that.”

“Those are, Steve Rattner, Nixonian numbers,” Scarborough said to the former Obama adviser. “Twenty-five percent consider you to be honest and trustworthy. How does she get around that?” (VIDEO: Brit Hume: Clintons In ‘A Class By Themselves’ With Their ‘Sheer Audacity’ [VIDEO])

Rattner defended Clinton at first: “I think first, a poll rating she had when left State is kind of an unsustainable number. You leave being secretary of state, you’re a hero, everything is great. Obviously you’re gonna come down.”

But, he eventually said he did agree with Scarborough about Clinton’s poll numbers. “They are not good, they are terrible, whatever. I don’t think she has been as transparent as she should have been over the last few weeks as all this stuff has happened.”


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