Liberalism Is A Gallon of Gas And A Book Of Matches

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I don’t condone it, in fact I condemn it. But I sure as hell understand it.

The underlying reason for the mayhem that recently erupted in Baltimore and Ferguson wasn’t the result of police brutality against Freddie Gray or Michael Brown. Those instances merely served as sparks to ignite the growing powder kegs of decades old frustration, disillusionment and anger, which could very well spread across the country and create a long, hot summer. The mantra of the rioters:  burn this bitch down.

Most of the protestors are intoxicated on excuse making and far too stupid to understand what bitch they are referring to when they set fire to their own communities and destroy what few small businesses remain.

They lie how they want big daddy government to “provide jobs,” but then go on an animal rampage destroying the hard work, risks, sacrifices and success of their neighbors.

Pure soulless insanity.

Others are beginning to understand that the real bitch they face is the lack of a future due to foolish choices, entrenched excuse making and self-inflicted culture rot. To them, the America Dream is as dead as Freddie Gray and Michael Brown.

It’s true that the future is often bleak for young Americans getting out of high school this month who want to go to work instead of going to college.

When I graduated from high school way back in the roaring ‘60’s there were unlimited opportunities for young guys who didn’t consider going to college. There were good paying manufacturing jobs throughout my Motor City and around the country. For a variety of reasons those jobs have largely gone the way of the Dodo Bird in Detroit, Baltimore and St. Louis.

It’s the perceived lack of a future for young African American guys that is at the crux of their pent-up frustration and seething anger. Same goes for young white guys and young Hispanic men as well. Without a viable skill or a trade that the free market demands, these guys have no future.

Couple that with the bizarre mindlessness of not even trying to get a job, and Baltimore happens.

Politicians of both stripes talk incessantly about creating “good paying jobs,” yet with American businesses struggling the highest tax rate of any industrialized country there is little chance to compete.

There is little honest talk from politicians about how blue-collar jobs have disappeared from the American landscape.  Those jobs are gone, farmed out to cheaper labor in foreign countries.  When countries such as Indonesia, Taiwan and Vietnam provide labor that produce a pair of Nike tennis shoes for a buck or so, that’s where Nike will have them made.

Same is true for nearly every piece of clothing sold in America. It’s almost all foreign made.

Our televisions, computers, cell phones and almost all other electronic devices have been outsourced overseas where labor costs are negligible compared to U.S. labor costs.

Many of the cars we drive are entirely assembled or have parts made in Mexico and other foreign countries. Those jobs used to be in Detroit. No more.

Arguably, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) that President Clinton signed was the final nail in the coffin for good manufacturing jobs in America. Ross Perot was right years ago when he said about NAFTA, “That giant sucking sound you hear will be jobs lost in America.”

Instead of good jobs being created in Mexico as NAFTA promised, millions of illegal immigrants cross the Rio Grande looking for a better life in America. NAFTA was an economic con-job.

When you couple the loss of manufacturing jobs with 50 plus years of liberal government turbo-destruction of Afro-American communities, Afro-American families, and the brainwashing con-job of individual Afro-Americans, what you have is a gallon of gas and book of matches.

America has wasted over sixteen trillion smackers on the scam of “combating poverty” since LBJ’s War on Poverty con-job. Result: more poverty, more debt, more failure, more disillusionment. Mr. Obama’s plan: more gas and matches.

Liberalism is a killer. The big government lie enslaves people, it does not liberate them. It destroys, does not build. It creates massive debt, and does not add to the bottom line. It strangles incentive, does not create rugged individualism. It creates dependency, not independence.

The Baltimore and Ferguson riots could be the match and gas that ignites riots all across America this summer. If so, the root cause of the riots and mayhem isn’t police brutality. The heart of the matter is how liberalism has poisoned the greatest experiment in self-government the world ever witnessed.