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Mayor Of Garland, Texas To Pamela Geller: Next Time, Take Your Free Speech Someplace Else

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Sharia law doesn’t need to be written down anywhere. All you need to do is submit.

Jessica Chasmar, Washington Times:

The mayor of Garland, Texas, on Tuesday blasted Pamela Geller, the organizer of a free-speech event that was attacked by two gunmen over the weekend, saying her decision to hold a Muhammad cartoon drawing contest “put my police officers, my citizens and others at risk.”

Mayor Douglas Athas said he wished Ms. Geller, co-founder and president of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, hadn’t picked Garland as the site for Sunday’s event, the Dallas Morning News reported…

“Her program invited an incendiary reaction. She picked my community, which does not support in any shape, passion or form, her ideology.

“But at the end of the day, we did our jobs,” he added. “We protected her freedoms and her life.”

That’s right: The people who peacefully exercised their right to free speech put the citizens of Garland at risk. Not the religious zealots who tried to murder those people for offending them. How can we hold Muslims responsible for their own actions? That would be racist.

But it’s nice that Athas acknowledged Geller’s freedoms, right after blaming her exercise of those freedoms for the actions of madmen.

Our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters in the media want us to watch what we do and say, so as not to “provoke” insane terrorists. Garland Mayor Douglas Athas agrees.

How about you?

Ace sums up the whole thing:

And if you point out the contradiction… Well, just don’t do that. They really hate it.